Cassatt inspecting the PRRNotable Quotes

Providing a Measure of the Man

"(Mr. Cassatt) was, in fact, a railroad imperialist, and his acts provoked the admiration of his arch enemies - for such he had professionally - and that was a high compliment."

»»»  Andrew Carnegie


"Mr. Cassatt's action is the most serious blow we have ever received, and it is a life and death struggle."

»»»  Andrew Carnegie on October 9, 1900 to Charles Schwab, president of Carnegie Steel, regarding Alexander Cassatt's "community of interest" plan of a consortium of railroads to self-regulate since he did not believe the federal government was able or willing to apply appropriate regulations on the railroad industry to stop the Carnegie and Rockefeller program of illegal shipping rebates.


"Little is known of the origin of the hackney breed ... defined in Johnson's Dictionary as 'a hired horse.' That he owes some of his good qualities to arab crosses is probable. Where but from the Eastern horse could he get the broad forehead, the lofty carriage and high roup, the brisk cheerful temper, the extreme docility combined with resolute courage, that alike mark the true hackney and the Arabian horse?"

»»»  Alexander Cassatt in an April 9, 1892 article in Harper's Weekly, writing about his hobby ... a passion for thoroughbred horses and the new breed he himself introduced to the United States from Europe. Cassatt was co-founder in 1891 of the American Hackney Horse Society, which thrives to this day.