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The Greatest Corporation in the World

One of the earliest railroads in the country, the PRR quickly rose to prominence to be undeniably the largest and greatest company in the world. That prominence peaked under the leadership of Alexander Cassatt. The post-war years saw a painful decline in railroading, overwhelmed by the new interstate highway system and the rapid growth of airplane travel. The merger of two struggling railroad giants - The PRR and the New York Central - became the Penn Central Railroad. A combination of inept management, corruption, and lack of federal funding (which was directed to highways and airports) led to not only the demise of the Penn Central, but the destruction of the magnificent but neglected Pennsylvania Station, as the Penn Central sold it to try to remain a viable railroad company.

Founding in the 19th Century

Alexander Cassatt had a pivotal role in the late 1800's in making the PRR a great railroad. Much more to be published here.


Cassatt's Great Railroad in the Gilded Age

The respect for Alexander Cassatt and his railroad at the turn of the century was second to none in the Industrial Age. Sadly, this is virtually unknown in our modern era because history books pay little attention to this fact. This is the primary reason for this website. Much more to be published here.