What can be said about the rise and fall of Penn Station? A lot. And, we will be saying a lot on this page. Your attention is especially directed to the new website Rebuild Penn Station. Because that website is so important, this link will remain at the top of this page.

A Melancholy Story with a Hopeful Future

The destruction of Penn Station in the 1960's is widely known as "the greatest act of public vandalism" to have ever occured in the United States. There was no legal way to stop the financially-challenged and poorly-managed Penn Central Railroad from selling this property to save it's own skin. It took four years to tear this building down -- the beautiful marble, granite, steel and glass structure so meticulously designed and crafted -- to make room for the new Madison Square Garden. It was the event which led to the creation of the Landmark Preservation Act which has subsequently saved so many wonderful buildings, including Grand Central Station. There is a great deal of information about Penn Station past and present to be published here. New York City is presently in the midst of a major effort to replace MSG with a new Penn Station. News about this project will be posted here with regular updates.

History of Penn Station

A link to the page with the intriguing history of the station will be published here.


The Hudson and East River Tunnels to Penn Station

The creation of these two tunnels under these rivers was considered one of the wonders of the world when they were proposed and built. A link to the page with the history of the tunnels will be published here..


The Re-Birth of Penn Station: A 21st Century Story

New York City is in the process of making up for the destruction of the original landmark building. It is born out of necessity more than anything else, as the ugly underground station presently serving more traffic than any train station in the country is incapable of handling 600,000 travelers a day without tremendous inconvenience. The original Penn Station was built to accommodate this heavy load of people, but ...

There is amazing energy being put into creating a new Penn Station in New York City. The progress is - forgive me - on a fast track. Click here to go to the page with news of the new Penn Station's progress.