News About the New Penn Station

Ongoing news about development of a new Penn Station is exciting and expansive. There are a couple websites you might wish to follow regarding Penn Station and Moynihan Train Hall. One is the Municipal Art Society of New York. It has a long history with architectural preservation in NYC. Another is Rebuild Penn Station, an organization dedicated to seeing that Penn Station is rebuilt - as close to the original as possible (read: $$$$) on its original site after Madison Square Garden is removed at the end of its lease. These are both nonprofit organizations. I encourage you visit these sites and make a charitable donation while you are there!


February 24, 2021

New Moynihan Train Hall aerial viewLoss, Redemption, Renewal: The Moynihan Train Hall

The National Trust for Historic Places published a wonderful piece about the new Moynihan Train Hall and a brief history of its creation due to the destruction of the original Penn Station. The Moynihan Train Hall is across the street from where Penn Station once stood, and where trains continue to enter under the monstrosity of Madison Square Garden.

December 30, 2020

New PennFarley Train Complex photo 2020Penn Station: New train hall returns beauty to New York station

From BBC News. Great news about the opening of the Moynihan Train Hall, which is part of the "new" Penn Station. Compare this photo to the artist rendering posted below from September, 2016.

Please note - There are two misleading captions in this story:

“After the original was bulldozed, a new station was built in the 1960s.”

   1. This photo caption, which is primarily a photo of Madison Square Garden, gives the impression that the Garden is the “new station.” Very much a wrong impression.

   2. A “new station” was not built. The track arrival and departure areas below the original concourse remained and covered with a dropped ceiling. There was no "new station" built.

   3. Penn Station was not “bulldozed.” This trivializes the destruction of Penn Station. It gives an impression akin to an abandoned home being brought down by a bulldozer in one afternoon. It took four years to demolish Penn Station. If bulldozers were ever used, they would have been used for moving what had been brought down by wrecking balls. Bulldozers would never have been able to bring down any of this steel, marble and granite masterpiece.

“Penn Station in 1910, the year it was built”

   This photo caption also is misleading. It was not “built” in 1910. It was completed, i.e., opened in 1910. It took four years to build, starting in 1906. This webmaster has communicated with the BBC about these captions.

September 27, 2016

New PennFarley Train Complex rendering 2016Gov. Cuomo Unveils Renderings Of New Penn Station-Moynihan Train Hall Complex

From CBS News New York. For an impressive PDF of the complete presentation, click here.