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Article Title

Date Description Type Publisher Audio Version
Alexander J. Cassatt June 18, 1899 A detailed NYT article written upon the appointment of Cassatt as President of the PRR Newspaper Article New York Times


The Big Coal Five September 24, 1902

"Men Who Control the Production of Anthracite: Giants In the Industrial and Financial Affairs of the Nation - Mighty Forces Against Which the Miners Have Been Contending"

Newspaper Article The Punxatawney Spirit, Pennsylvania


President Cassatt Tells Tunnel Plans March 25, 1903 "To Save Half an Hour Between New Jersey and Manhattan: Head of the Pennsylvania System Testifies Before Commission That Will Hear Property Owners' Complaints"
Newspaper Article New York Times (coming)
President Cassatt Talks March 11, 1904 "Pennsylvania Will Make Contracts for Tunnel Work Here Without Delay" Newspaper Article New York Times